who we are

Growes Industries is a Canadian owned and operated company. We are located at 823 Red Maple Court, Whitby, Ontario, CANADA, L1N 7V7 Telephone 01.905.244.2786 Email: sales@growes.ca

Our mission is to bring Canadians efficient and sustainable energy through it's premium network of people, partners, products and services.

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY - Growes Industries is now in it's twelfth year of business growth (start up in 2006) and was first envisioned from the lifetime interests and passions of it’s founder George Rowe. Our mission is to provide customers with alternative and sustainable energy products, systems and services. Activities include design, manufacturing, assembly, integration and distribution of clean renewable energy solutions and associated products & services.

Global climate change is inevitable and rapidly advancing with the current rate we are burning depeating fossil fuels. The time for change to a carbon-neutral energy based society is now. Technologies and business practices, that are available now, are already being used by some far-sighted industries to ecomonically reduce emissions or the "carbon foot-print" that we are leaving to our future generations to try and fix.