BIO-DIESEL - "The use of vegetable oils for engine fuels may seem insignificant today. But such oils may become in course of time as important as petroleum and the coal tar products of the present time." - Rudolf Diesel

Growes Industries is aggressively developing products and promoting the use and wide-spread distribution of Bio-Diesel in the Ontario market.

Growes Industries is a manufacturer and reseller of Bio-Diesel related Processor kits, equipment, Storage Tanks, pumps and filters.

What is Bio-Diesel?

Bio-Diesel ("Methyl-esters") or ASTM "B100", is primarily four parts vegetable oil and one part racing fuel (pure alcohol) with some drain-opener (lye/caustic-soda) and a splash of battery acid (sulphuric acid)...strained, filtered, heated, mixed, separated, washed, dryed and filtered again. ...The process is about as complicated as brewing your own beer from scratch (but much quicker!).

The Environmental Impact:

 It's RENEWABLE! Bio-Diesel has more lubricity and REDUCES ENGINE WEAR and is therefore MORE EFFICIENT than regular Diesel fuel. It's BIO-DEGRADABLE & relatively NON-TOXIC. Has a lower "flash-point" - making transportation LESS DANGEROUS. It's CLEANER BURNING than regular Diesel fuel...which is way better than GASOLINE to begin with! Most importantly, is the fact that the Hydro-carbons & CO2 (Green-house gases) produced from burning Bio-Diesel are considerably less than the pollutants produced from Fossil Fuels (Oil-based Diesel and particularly Gasoline). There are numerous studies including a report in 2004 from the NRC (Canadian National Research Council) that substantiate this fact. The transportation sector accounts for 27 percent of total North American greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and is the sector with the greatest annual growth in terms of GHG emissions. The US EPA states that the annual emissions from a typical gas-powered passenger vehicle is equal to 5.5 metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent or 1.5 metric tons of carbon equivalent. Gas-powered passenger vehicles account for 97% of this pollution over traditional Diesel cars and light trucks on the road today in North America (...Europe has over 50% of their passenger vehicles powered by Diesel engines). 70% LESS HC's and almost 50% LESS CO2 burning Bio-Diesel over Petrol-based Diesel! So trade your gas-powered car or truck in for one with a clean-burning Diesel engine - and run the RIGHT FUEL in it!


(Note: the 10% "NOx" increase in emissions shown above - is actually REVERSED, or -10%, if the oil-stock chosen is Soya!)

The Economic Impact:

 Crops for Bio-Diesel can be easily grown LOCALLY and Bio-Diesel can be produced with inexpensive equipment in small batches - stimulating rural agricultural economies and leveling-out crop pricing. By-products from oil-seed crushing can be used for fertilizer and live-stock feed. Glycerin - another by-product of Bio-Diesel production - can be used in making soaps, hand-creams as well as many industrial uses. This equals happy farmers - who feed our cities! It keeps dollars in your community and Country!