Perfectly happy - without wires!

Growes Industries offers Intronico's boards as OEM components or integrated into enclosures with optional controls - and we can also offer you custom (VB/C++) software applications written specifically to meet your needs:

   Example Application - "Home Automation" easily customized - control of lights, annunciation of windows and doors, temperature control. All from your PC, tablet or SmartPhone etc...

MFC boards are available with Bluetooth, LAN or WLAN (802.11b/g) versions.

The MFC is a family of IO-boards, that allows wireless connections from PC, PDA or mobile phone by means of an integrated bluetooth radio. Transmission ranges of up to 100m can be reached (line of sight). The boards are designed for professional integration in industrial machinery, office or household devices. Enclosures are available to use the MFC as a “stand-alone” controller in both indoor, outdoor and industrial applications. The boards can be supplied power by a 9V battery. This makes them suitable for applications like solar powered controllers, robotics or remote control for vehicles. IO- status and connection-state is monitored by LEDs. The LEDs may be switched off by software to save battery power. A time off-delay may be parameterized to switch off the outputs when connection to the board is lost. The boards come with integrated functions like counters, ramp-function, time-vector function, PID- and 2-Step controllers and others.

The boards are addressed by means of a simple ASCII instruction-set, which can be employed with any common programming language. No specific bluetooth-programming knowledge is required. Messages between board and PC/PDA are exchanged in plain text. The bluetooth-connection is established over a so called virtual com-port. Programming of a virtual com port is identical to program a standard hardware serial interface. Visual-basic examples for PC and PDA are delivered on a CD together with the board. Your PC or PDA has to have a bluetooth interface in order to be able to connect with the board.

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