solar thermal

AIR & SPACE HEATING - We are proud to represent - Solar Heat International


Solar Heat International is dedicated to the idea of helping individuals generate free usable heat for both their home and business. Our product generates usable heat directly from the sun, by-passing your fossil-fuel burning furnace. This solar collector generates enough usable heat to significantly offset your heating costs, while consuming less energy than a low-wattage light bulb! This high performance product is built to last for the long term, giving you free heat to supplement (and in some cases replace), your day-time heating requirements throughout the heating season. You also have complete control in regulating heat. Our modern manufacturing facilities and methods, as well as a significantly improved design, ensures that our solar collector product: * is precision made (ISO9001) * uses high quality materials * is reliable * is CSA & UL certified (motor blower unit including panel) * is readily available. If you would like to be part of the solution in reducing green house gas emissions and carbon foot-print, here is your personal opportunity.

SOLAR WATER HEATING - We are proud to offer - Viessmann VITOSOL vaccuum tube and flat-plate collectors and systems

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