wireless automation

GO WIRELESS!- It reduces costs on "MAC's" (...IT lingo for "Moves Adds and Changes"). Easier to install and maintain. Uses fewer valuable resources such as copper and plastics by eliminating IT racks & interconnect cables.

Our inexpensive Bluetooth, Zigbee and 802.11bgn Wireless I/O-control and Data-aquisition boards by INTRONICO "talk" to your existing PC's, PDA's and Smart-phones, as well as legacy Industrial equipment such as PLC's or BAC or DCS systems - through serial ASCII data - over standard Bluetooth/Zigbee or 802.11bgn ethernet communications. SENA Long Range Bluetooth Serial Adapters and Device Servers help eliminate cables and bridge networks.

 We also carry a full line of major brand-name Datacom/Connectivity/Networking & BlueTooth consumer products for complete infrastructure and mobile computing solutions.